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I am a professional journalist and copywriter, specialising in the environment, technology and business. I have a particular love of photography and film. During my long career in the media I have worked for many prestigious organisations such as the BBC, Channel 4, Reader's Digest, NBC and Der Spiegel. One of my other specialisms is writing business proposals for RFPs and I have raised significant funding for clients from organisations and government bodies for contracts.

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“Julian is able to take a sometimes complicated collection of messages and turn them into an easy-to-follow story that any reader will understand, whatever their level of knowledge of the subject matter. He was a pleasure to work with and made my life much easier :-)”

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A selection of my extensive writing which includes print and digital media, business copywriting and many other formats

Building Blockchain Utility Networks

The energy industry is rapidly changing, which demands a shift from centralized production and distribution systems to a flatter, more bidirectional ecosystem. Numerous emerging technologies will be part of this transition, including AI, digital twins, microgrids, EVs, and blockchain-based distributed ledger systems. Blockchains allow a transparent, tamper-proof and easily accessed structure for tallying numerical inputs and outputs. When married with “Smart protocols”: programmable application

Electrolyzer Developments for Building Clean Energy Systems

Electrolyzers are a critical technology for the production of low-emission hydrogen from renewable or nuclear electricity. These systems have been growing in recent years, but at a slow pace. The IEA notes that electrolyzer manufacturing capacity has increased by more than 25% since last year, reaching nearly 11 GW per year. The deployment of all the currently planned projects could lead to a worldwide installed electrolyzer capacity of 170-365 GW by 2030. However, electrolysis capacity is star

Is the Metaverse really turning out like ‘Snow Crash’? – Cointelegraph Magazine

Neal Stephenson’s science fiction novel Snow Crash predicted the Metaverse in 1992. This cult book has the amusingly-named Hiro Protagonist running around in an artificial cyber world, trying to stop a virus that wipes minds, aided by his hacker friend Y.T. Reality is a place to escape from, a neoliberal future wrecked by hyperinflation and inequality and run by corporations and gangsters and insane bureaucracy. In many ways, the book is horribly prescient.

Socios boss’ goal? To knock crypto out of the park – Cointelegraph Magazine

What is a sports fan’s dream come true? To be the announcer at an AC Milan home game, in front of 75,000 roaring Rossoneri fans? To play a football match on the hallowed turf of your beloved FC Barcelona? To tour the garage of an F1 team pre-race, then watch the Monza Grand Prix from a VIP box? These are some of the biggest rewards handed out as incentives to join Chiliz, or CHZ-based, fan token schemes on Socios.com. There are also lesser, but still desirable prizes, like meeting your sp

Wall Street disaster expert Bill Noble: Crypto spring is inevitable – Contelegraph Magazine

In another reality, Bill Noble would be just another guy in a suit behind a big desk at the Fed or the SEC, probably murmuring negative incantations like “crypto is bad.” He’s certainly got the track record for it: JP Morgan, UBS, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs. But that’s Noble in an evil mirror dimension. In our world, he is a true crypto guy, talking to me in a t-shirt with bicycles in the back of the room. He turned from the Dark Side and joined the rebels. He is known for his popular YouTu

Load Management in the Developing World

Countries in the developed part of the world: America, Europe, Japan and other similar nations have developed power systems, including national grids, sufficient power suppliers for reliable 24/7 electricity and complex supply chains. Parts of the developing world do not have these existing systems. Many places have solar or wind renewables available and would benefit from moving directly to local DERs and networked systems, rather than imitating the centralized existing grids of the West.

How to bake your own DAO at home — With just 5 ingredients! – Cointelegraph Magazine

A DAO is an online community that collectively controls a cryptocurrency fund to achieve a particular goal — whether buying a copy of the United States constitution or running a DeFi protocol — explains Delman from Aragon, an organization that “midwifes” DAOs and has helped usher almost 4,000 DAOs into existence. “The idea is attempting to automate as many exchanges between people as possible and making it trustless so you don’t need to trust people,” Delman explains. “This makes it easier to collaborate with people that you meet online or to create a global team.”

How Can Fintech Benefit Utilities?

There are five areas where fintech can potentially improve the digital services and products the typical utility uses. Business Process Management (BPM) services are tasked to improve utility operations, especially through automation and analytics. BPM services can increase a utility’s efficiency and productivity across all areas, including customer service, human resources, finance and accounting, regulatory and compliance, field workforce services, network operations and supply chain manageme

The UK's FCA Runs CryptoSprints

The Financial Conduct Authority, often considered a stuffy haven of pen-pushers, created two dynamic events in May and June to get a feel of the crypto industry, particularly the area of DeFi which worries regulators. Currently the FCA’s is interested in registering firms for anti-money laundering purposes. However the majority of cryptoassets, exchanges and associated businesses remain unregulated. This is an issue for many national and international financial bodies. The organisation is work

The Challenges of DER Load Management

Energy is in the midst of a huge transition to decarbonization. There are many challenges to solve, along with great opportunities. Utilities will have to grapple with a grid which is very different to the centralized way it originally functioned. When you have DER feeding into the network the voltage rises at the connection point. With high DER penetration rate, the voltage over the whole network will increase, and can quickly become troublesome if it is not managed correctly. Overvoltage, or

Secure Your Mobile Device

Utility security teams need to be aware of evolving attacks on mobile platforms Last year saw a decrease in mobile malware attacks. Unfortunately they have become more sophisticated and threatening. For example, the Pegasus spyware widely available to malicious actors is capable of infecting both IoS and Android systems, collecting all kinds of valuable data like passwords, calls, text messages, the user's location. Nearly 3.5 million items of mobile malware were detected computer security fir

Can Bitcoin do its bit for Renewable Energy?

Bitcoin gets a bad name for its excessive energy consumption. However is there a way for blockchain-based systems to improve the management of conventional electricity systems, helping to reduce waste and manage their loads? Perhaps there is: EZ Blockchain is a company that is using flared gas to run bitcoin mining stations. Cryptocurrency “mining” is the term used for using powerful computers to solve difficult equations, thus validating previous transactions and generating a reward when succe

Blockchain Potentials in the Utilities Sector

The blockchain is a public or private, secure, decentralized ledger. It doesn't need to rely on “Trusted Third Parties”, like banks, brokers and other middlemen. As such it can be used for many purposes depending on the end result desired. Just looking at the currency aspects is like inventing the internal combustion engine, and insisting it should only be used in race cars or farm tractors. In recent years cryptocurrencies have moved from being the province of a few obsessive geeks to somethin
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