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I am a professional journalist and copywriter, specialising in the environment, technology and business. I have a particular love of photography and film. During my long career in the media I have worked for many prestigious organisations such as the BBC, Channel 4, Reader's Digest, NBC and Der Spiegel. One of my other specialisms is writing business proposals for RFPs and I have raised significant funding for clients from organisations and government bodies for contracts.

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“Julian is able to take a sometimes complicated collection of messages and turn them into an easy-to-follow story that any reader will understand, whatever their level of knowledge of the subject matter. He was a pleasure to work with and made my life much easier :-)”

Katrina Dixon B2B marketing consultant

A selection of my extensive writing for which includes print and digital media, business copywriting and many other formats

Renewable Generation Reaches Record High in 2018

Over the past year, output from renewable sources rose to another record high, generating an estimated 33% of the UK total electricity in 2018. In combination with nuclear, low-carbon sources contributed 53% of UK generation last year. The share from fossil fuels decreased to its lowest ever, according to a newly-released report from think-tank Carbon Brief. Although both the population and economy have grown, emissions were down because of lower electricity use per capita, and higher utilisati

SPL Press Release

Science Photo Library – Blows Things Up for Education High-speed filming shows classic science experiments that go bang Science Photo Library, the leading science imagery producers, have just released a series of chemistry explosions, filmed by one of the most most sophisticated cameras available. Caesium and rubidium in water, nitrogen triiodide, exploding bubbles and molten iron… their latest shoot took in some of chemistry’s most thrilling reactions, and slowed them down so you can see them perfectly.

Pinterest Marketing Masterclass eBook

"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" Pictures are all over the internet and they can bring a vibrancy and interest to your site. Firstly by pinning charming pictures to your pinterest site, you add exposure to your site, which is always good for your bottom line. Secondly you can reach in to an untapped market - what you need to do is work out which pictures best represent your company, goods or services, then use them to attract people. High quality pictures are best, not run-of-the-mill dull ones.

It’s a better world: 4K television has landed

We are entering a new age of television, the standard 1080p HD just doesn’t cut it anymore and UltraHD (also known as 4K) is taking over. These televisions have four times the resolution of HD, meaning they produce crystal clear images that you won’t believe you’re watching. The latest generation of uber-TVs are also absolutely huge, delivering 3D at home like you’ve never seen before, here are some of the best.

John Tuckey Stars in The Lure of The Past

John Tuckey is a photographer who has honed his craft with depictions of the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s, shooting exclusively in monochome. In his own words his work is, “an exercise in nostalgia.” The goal to recreate a look of retro glamor, as if the images were previous undiscovered shots from a World War II battlefield or from the set of a lost Hollywood film. Two main themes stand out from his work: glamour shots of sensual women, and images of wartime from following re-enactors at the many displ

"It's a Detective Story"

Werner Forman Archive Discovers New, Unpublished Images Renowned photographer Werner Forman (who died in 2010) spent his life travelling to sites of ancient civilisations and cultures, and photographing them. Now new, unpublished material has come to light – thousands of photographs on all sorts of media, including glass plates and colour transparencies. “It's a detective story,” says Werner Forman Archive Director Barbara Heller, “ these images are astounding records of ancient cultures. We have had a laborious task going through them, cataloguing them, and digitising them, but they are now becoming available through our collection. It's been a real challenge.” She adds, “We are fortunate in knowing a number of academics and art dealers who have been willing to help us identify them”

Sat Nav Ospreys Tracked From Scotland - Destination Africa

Ospreys are rare in Britain. The bird was once widespread throughout the UK, but declined through persecution and by 1916 was extinct as a British nesting bird. In 1954 ospreys recolonised the UK at Loch Garten and, although the birds have since spread, the Scottish Highlands remain the bird’s UK stronghold. This fish-eating bird of prey is one of the UK's most fascinating sights and a number of pairs have been successfully breeding. Ospreys migrate to Africa for the winter, returning in the spring, and this hazardous journey can now be analysed as some birds have been fitted with satellite tracking by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).